Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy


As a non profit, Shoot Basketballs NOT People,Inc prides itself in being a socially responsible organization. We strive to make a positive impact in our communities and to society as a whole. We yearn to partner with corporations that only focus on four areas of social responsibility: Corporate Ethics, Urban Gentrification, Community Involvement and Employee Health and Welfare.


Examples of how Shoot Basketballs NOT People,Inc is socially and culturally responsibility can be found in our 2013 Corporate Partner Social Responsibility Report.


Corporate Ethics


Each year, every Shoot Basketballs NOT People,Inc staff reviews and commits to a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, a document that describes our obligation to conduct ourselves in accordance with legal and ethical guidelines. But we, at Shoot Basketballs NOT People, expect our staff to go beyond that minimum standard of behavior.


We call upon our staff to embody ethical behaviors that elevate us above mere legal compliance. In our view, ethics is all about values; it is what we as a group of people have agreed that we should do. Those values are spelled out in The Shoot Basketballs NOT People Mission, and we witness them in the actions of our staff each and every day. We also remind our staff on a regular basis of the commitment we have made to live by those values.


Employee Health and Wellness


The Shoot Basketballs NOT People Mission reminds us to support and take care of each other. Shoot Basketballs NOT People,Inc views its staff as the organization's greatest assets.


Since the longevity of our staff is influenced by the lifestyle choices that they make, Shoot Basketballs NOT People,Inc offers tools and incentives that encourage staff to adopt or maintain healthy lifestyles. Shoot Basketballs NOT People,Inc also offers a variety of benefits aimed at protecting its staff's physical and emotional health.


Urban Gentrification


Shoot Basketballs NOT People,Inc is committed to protecting and even improving the urban communities for the benefit of current and future generations. Neighborhood protection and preservation makes sound business sense. It not only enriches the lives of our staff, our donors and their loved ones, but the communities at large we serve.


Through actions such as, but not limited to, supplying recreational activities, reducing violence and investing in alternative solutions, Shoot Basketballs NOT People,Inc strives to preserve and protect the urban communities. We will continue to explore and pursue new and creative ways to make positive impacts in this urban neighborhoods.


Community Involvement


In addition to our staff, donors, business partnerships and volunteers, Shoot Basketballs NOT People,Inc views the people residing within all of the urban communities in which we live and work in our organization. As such, we believe that it is critical for Shoot Basketballs NOT People,Inc to support our staff's efforts to enrich their lives and contribute to the welfare of others. We do this in a number of ways.


One of the ways Shoot Basketballs NOT People,Inc supports community involvement is by offering the Shoot Basketballs NOT People Player Development Camp, which matches the personal contributions of our staff,donors,and volunteers to encourage youth that want to participate. Shoot Basketballs NOT People,Inc also supports and recognizes, wherever possible, the thousands of hours of community service undertaken by our staff around the City of Philadelphia every year.